Center of Excellence

The goal of the Center of Excellence Solution is to establish and promote best practices for your company by using your existing technology and incorporating new technology, where appropriate. The CCI Tec Center of Excellence solution will enable your business to:

  • Speed up application development
  • Enhance return on investments
  • Avoid process redundancies
  • Reduce technology costs
  • Gain knowledge from Microsoft experts

The CCI Tec Center of Excellence solution helps your company maintain formal documentation, conduct expert training sessions, and achieve consistency by creating and maintaining best practices, common procedures, and company-wide policies.


Technology – Promote current and future technology deployment and application development and stimulate knowledge transfer throughout your organization.
Compliance – Encourage the adoption and implementation of best practices and consistent policy in your business while improving customer satisfaction.
Governance – Inspire internal sponsorship and ownership of your organization’s technology.

Scope and Deliverables

As with any technology integration service, the CCI Tec Center of Excellence solution involves analysis and development. We begin by analyzing your company’s organizational and technical needs and providing the training, knowledge transfer, and mentoring your business requires for self-reliance. We help you develop a document reference library and design software development testing to create technology that fits perfectly with those needs.

Finally, we help you set up your hardware and software environments and define custom rules of engagement for your Center of Excellence. Throughout the development of your new Center of Excellence, CCI Tec will recommend the reports and tools necessary for self-sufficiency.


When you implement a Center of Excellence solution, your organization can enjoy the resulting benefits. Your business will no longer depend on software consultants or drawn-out application development time. Your company can reduce application development costs by using existing applications in your inventory. Your organization can increase its software development efficiencies and decrease developer attrition rates—saving your business money and helping it achieve a higher level of independence and efficiency.