Our Solutions

At CCI Tec we strive to achieve the best in the industry for all your technology integration service needs. Our goal is customer satisfaction working one on one to provide both strategic expertise and technical results by helping you optimize your information infrastructure and offering you the training, certification and resources needed to succeed.

CCI Tec is a Microsoft Certified Partner specializing in data integration using Microsoft BizTalk.

Our years of experience are a guarantee that we are committed to the success of your business, whether it be in healthcare, state and local government, public health and manufacturing to name a few. We will show you how to save money, gain and share accurate information in real time to collaborate effectively with your customers, partners and employees allowing you to expand your company to its full potential and ensure the required service level and protection.

We are here for you.

TecENTERPRISE Claims Solution

Rejected and denied claims cost healthcare providers, payors, and patients billions of dollars in lost productivity and reimbursements every year. The amount of lost revenue from inefficient claims processing is staggering. However, by minimizing or eliminating rejected claims up front, healthcare institutions can submit accurate claims one time, and reduce the cost of claims processing.

The TecENTERPRISE Claims Solution provides a comprehensive vision into claims status and processing. TecENTERPRISE Claims decreases the number of claims requiring manual remediation and increases the number of accepted claims. TecENTERPRISE Claims presents detailed claims information that allows claims processors and information managers to quickly identify and locate problem claims and patterns. This solution provides the executive staff with access to custom key performance indicators and summary reports, so that they can maintain awareness and control anywhere, anytime.

Center of Excellence

The goal of the Center of Excellence Solution is to establish and promote best practices for your company by using your existing technology and incorporating new technology, where appropriate. The CCI Tec Center of Excellence solution will enable your business to:

  • Speed up application development
  • Enhance return on investments
  • Avoid process redundancies
  • Reduce technology costs
  • Gain knowledge from Microsoft experts

The CCI Tec Center of Excellence solution helps your company maintain formal documentation, conduct expert training sessions, and achieve consistency by creating and maintaining best practices, common procedures, and company-wide policies.


CCI Tec provides powerful, robust healthcare integration solutions that are based on Microsoft platform technologies—BizTalk, SharePoint, and SQL Server. Our healthcare solutions enable your company to focus on:

  • Providing accurate patient billing
  • Maintaining patient confidentiality
  • Sharing patient records in a timely manner
  • Fostering collaboration between patients and medical teams
  • Making informed decisions about medical tests and medications
  • Improving communication between healthcare partners
  • CCI Tec specializes in data integration that converts disparate data into predictive and actionable information so that healthcare organizations can comply with federal and state reporting requirements.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, CCI Tec implements Microsoft platform technologies to integrate and maintain electronic health records, practice management systems, and logistics. We develop solutions to help your business collaborate with your customers, employees, and healthcare partners.CCI Tec has experience in all sectors of the healthcare industry and is proficient in Meaningful Use criteria, disease management, electronic health records, and outcomes solutions.

Architectural Design

The Architecture Design Session (ADS) is offered to clients that need further assessment of their current architecture strategy as it relates to their Health Care application. During an ADS session, the CCI Tec team will review the goals and objectives the clients. The ADS allows us to determine the current architecture, code design and implementation. Interviews are conducted with the appropriate application developers and users to understand the issues that need addressing. This will usually include technologies such as: Microsoft BizTalk Server, Microsoft SharePoint Server, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft .NET.

The purpose of the ADS is to examine, inspect, survey and analyze the architecture and current deployment of the clients application.

The ADS deliverable is an architectural assessment report, summarizing all of the discussions and decisions made during the ADS interview and review process. The functionality discussed within the report is the combination of both the current implementation as well as the clients goals for future implementation and functionality. An implementation plan and risk analysis is laid out in the ADS report.

The ADS is usually the first step in defining the needs and assessments of every client. Please contact CCI Tec is you are interested in having an ADS performed for your project.