Biztalk Server

BizTalk Server enables your company to efficiently and effectively integrate all your systems, employees and trading partners through manageable business processes. This empowers your company to automate and orchestrate interactions in a highly flexible and highly automated manner. BizTalk Server enables your company to integrate and manage business processes by exchanging business documents such as purchase orders and invoices between disparate applications, within or across organizational boundaries.

BizTalk Server uses protocol implementations called “adapters” to communicate with applications and includes built-in adapters and a framework for creating new ones. It also provides rules-based routing, conversion between data formats and serves as a protocol bridge between HTTP, SMTP, MQSeries and other applications. The server software includes tools to create and design XML definitions, map data from one definition to another, and manage process flow, document verification, and data exchange and processing.

CCI Tec provides solutions and services based on Microsoft’s BizTalk Server Systems & Integration Framework. If you are looking to evaluate BizTalk Server or already have an existing BizTalk Server environment, CCI Tec can provide the expertise to help get your projects off the ground and running. We can evaluate jumpstart and manage your integration projects, leading to a faster turnaround time, making the journey from decision to deployment less of a burden than it has to be.

BizTalk Server Training
At CCI Tec we can tailor our training to whatever your needs may be. We offer one to one training and classroom training to give your team all the tools necessary to implement BizTalk Server. Your team learns exactly what is required to launch a successful integration in your unique business. This will not only speed up your launch time, but will also help build an effectively integrated enterprise.