Architectural Design Session

The Architecture Design Session (ADS) is offered to clients that need further assessment of their current architecture strategy as it relates to their Health Care application. During an ADS session, the CCI Tec team will review the goals and objectives of the clients.

The ADS allows us to determine the current architecture, code design and implementation. Interviews are conducted with the appropriate application developers and users to understand the issues that need addressing. This will usually include technologies such as: Microsoft BizTalk Server, Microsoft SharePoint Server, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft .NET.

The purpose of the ADS is to examine, inspect, survey and analyze the architecture and current deployment of the clients application. The ADS deliverable is an architectural assessment report, summarizing all of the discussions and decisions made during the ADS interview and review process. The functionality discussed within the report is the combination of both the current implementation as well as the clients goals for future implementation and functionality. An implementation plan and risk analysis is laid out in the ADS report.

ADS document results

The ADS document results in the following documents and benefits:

  • Architectural Diagram
  • Risk Document
  • Detailed Scope and Proposal

The ADS is usually the first step in defining the needs and assessments of every client. Please contact CCI Tec is you are interested in having an Architecture Design Session performed for your project.