TecENTERPRISE Claims Management

Rejected and denied claims cost healthcare providers, payors, and patients billions of dollars in lost productivity and reimbursements every year. By minimizing rejected claims up front, healthcare institutions can submit accurate claims one time, and reduce the cost of claims processing.

The TecENTERPRISE Claims solution provides a comprehensive vision into claims status and processing. TecENTERPRISE Claims decreases the number of claims requiring manual remediation and increases the number of accepted claims. TecENTERPRISE Claims presents detailed claims information that allows claims processors and information managers to quickly identify and locate problem claims and patterns. This solution provides the executive staff with access to custom key performance indicators and summary reports, so that they can maintain awareness and control anywhere, anytime.

Focus on Healthcare Payors and Providers

The TecENTERPRISE Claims solution offers rich claims reporting, business activity monitoring, and business analytics at a fraction of our competitors’ initial and annual costs. The TecENTERPRISE Claims Solution can incorporate an unlimited number of backend data sources like IDX, Epic and Trizetto; a feature that sets us apart from other solutions.

Rich Reporting, Analytics and Metrics

TecENTERPRISE Claims reporting provides rich reports and offers the following advantages:

  • Easy collaboration and communication
  • Rich reporting, analytics, and metrics
  • Logical business intelligence
  • Proven Microsoft technology
  • Seamless integration with other technologies, and providers

Built on the Microsoft platform

TecENTERPRISE Claims is built on the Microsoft platform using BizTalk Server, SQL Server, and SharePoint Server as the key technologies that drive the solution. Additionally, the solution embeds the WPC OnlyConnect tools, which offers numerous adapters and accelerators to match legacy data with standard metadata fields.

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