Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) helps your company make fast, educated decisions to become efficient and grow to its full potential. BI offers a category of applications and technologies for gathering, storing, analyzing and providing access to data, while improving the performance of individuals, processes, teams and business units. BI will give your team the past, present and future information processes and tools needed to make insightful decisions.

The BI tool can be used to help companies trim costs and survive in these economic times, especially when it comes to analyzing expenses.

“BI capability today is as critical as e-mail and word processing, yet only about 40 percent of companies are using BI,” said Franz Aman. “In the midst of a recession, BI is not just a matter of competitive differentiation. It’s a matter of survival.”

A Sales Manager can accurately create yearly budgets, chart current market trends and create accurate forecasts for the growth of a sales team. Companies may use BI on data from a call center to better understand customer complaints. If negative trends are identified, the company can move to eliminate them. BI is also being used to identify valuable customers by examining their interaction history with a company and treating them with special care.

Features and benefits of the BI Tool

Easy to develop and maintain

No custom coding is necessary, saving time and effort. It’s easy to install, configure and maintain.

Easy to learn and integrate

Requires very little training and is easy to use and incorporate into the daily life of your company.

Real time Dashboards

No programming required, allows the user to design their own Dashboards right down to the buttons, labels, charts, commentary box and much more.

Scalable Technology

Enables the user to monitor and manage complex sets of data in an easy to understand format with Unique Data Visualization capabilities.

Innovative Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

CPM helps connect goals to reality, objectives with initiatives thus enabling your company to remain focused on driving and improving performance.

CCI Tec your Business Intelligence Source

CCI Tec has been implementing business intelligence for over 8 years in many diverse industries including State and Local government, Healthcare and Manufacturing to name a few. Utilizing state of the art concepts and technologies we can help you automate your business and provide you the timely information to be able to make your business decisions faster and your company run more efficiently.